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I Can Only Love You For One Day

I think I mentioned before, I went out on a "date" once with one of my English teachers. The one with the big-headed boyfriend. And no, I'm not talking about his ego. I mean the actual size of his head.

While we were out, I got an email from one of our students, an ichinensei boy. He's kind of a bad student, and actually the younger student of the worst ninensei bastard, but this boy will actually listen and do his work from time to time, so I don't think he's too bad. I'd ran into him on the street randomly one day, and as luck would have it, my cell phone went off. He then asked me to give him my cell phone's email, and at the time I couldn't think of an excuse why I couldn't. If you're wondering why I would hesistate to give him my email, well, exactly what I feared would happen did - the first few weeks, the only mails I recieved from him were either "Penis!!!" (in katakana English of course, so "Penisu!!!") or "Waist-shake!!!" "Waist-shake" being the word they invented for sexual intercourse. I'll have to explain that one some other time.

This time though, he was actually emailing me with English questions. I was happy that he seemed to be taking an interest in English, even if the questions were a little strange. He was asking me how to say things like "love", "forever", "special friends", stuff like that. I told my teacher who I was getting mails from, and she too seemed happy that he had actually taken an interest in English in his free time.

Then I got the weird request. It was strange even in Japanese, so I asked my teacher for help. We confirmed it to be - "I can only love you for one day."

On it's own, it was strange enough, but with the other stuff he'd asked for...my teacher asked me to ask him if he had a girlfriend, so I did. He replied that he did, and even responded with the girl's name and class. My teacher became extremely happy about this...as she put it "I've recieved a good information!" I asked her please not to violate my student's trust. She asked me not to tell him that she was here, which I wouldn't have done anyway. If word had gotten out that two of their teachers were out together, it would have set the school ablaze. By the time we went back to class they would have already named our children. Who, hopefully, wouldn't have big heads.

Anyway, my teacher became very, very interested in this. Every time my phone's email rang, she would jump up in anticipation and say "Is it him?! Is it him?!" I told her to settle down or I'd revoke her phone priviledges. The boy eventually told me that he'd been dating this girl since, well, yesterday. But he was starting to get bored with her and he wondered if he should break up with her. Thus, the "I can only love you for one day." My teacher took my phone at this point and emailed him with "Hey! You're a man aren't you! You have to be honest with her about your feelings!" To which the student replied, "Hey, you sound like a girl now" and then I promptly took away my teacher's phone priviledges.

I think he did break up with her the next day, thus making it officially, a two-day relationship. Or maybe three, I'm fairly sure he wrote the letter in English (hence the emails to me) and it probably took her a day to translate it. And I just realized, this poor girl, not only does she get dumped two days later but she has to translate her own break-up letter.

I really hope she doesn't grow up to hate men.

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