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A Picture's Worth...

I write a lot. I'm tired. So this time, I think I'll let the pictures talk for me. For those who still don't believe me, maybe picture proof will convince you.


Really, you knew it had to happen at some point.

Apparently, this is just one in a "Kancho series" of porn. ...No, I did not rent or buy this video, and considering where I found it, I *really* don't want to know. *shudders*

I also found this little gem.

The Engrish alone amuses me. But then I think about some random Japanese guy picking up this title, and then finding a *whole paragraph* of English on the cover. Which he probably doesn't understand. Why'd they go through the trouble? If I found a porn with a bunch of French written on it, I sure as hell wouldn't bother trying to translate. I don't even read it when it's in English!

Maybe it's just a Japanese male thing I don't understand. "Oh, she is so very bitch! I must watch her adventure!"


Say, how good is your American history?

Taken from the National War History Museum in Tokyo. I went through with one of my friends, and we had to laugh at just how slanted the whole thing was. Laugh, or cry over the absurdity. According to the text in the museum, the Japanese "expanded their defensive concerns" into Korea, helped "establish order and control" in China, and then were "forced into war" by the war-hungry American government. That whole Axis power thing is barely mentioned, and forget about trying to find anything that would portray the Japanese as something other than a peaceful people minding their own business in the Pacific. I mean, every country puts their own slant on history (while I learned that the American Revolution was a great act of freedom, I'm sure in Britain it's regarded as "those ungrateful little punks starting shit"), but the level of denial and disregard here was just outstanding.

This is actually why a lot of people are still really upset at Japan.


In one assignment at the Ghetto School, I gave instructions to students who were then to draw what I told them to. For example, I might say "There's a stereo in the corner" or "There's a window on the back wall." I decided to make things interesting by giving the direction "Az is in the center". I wanted to see just how the kids would artistically render me.

This is from one of the bastard sannensei boys (he was a ninensei at the time). Notice my fro and my glock.

...I really hate MTV.


This filing system sits across from my desk at one of my schools. ...I think the dirtier your mind is, the funnier this becomes.

The Japanese text above it reads in full - "Standing or on it's side, can be used freely".


I now present to you, Japanese Colonel Sanders, holding a chicken leg.

If'n that don't make you want to eat at KFC, then I don't know what will.

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