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Velma Jr.

When the sannensei graduated last March, I lost most of the kids I'd nicknamed. I still have Spread Your Legs, Little Evil, Glenda, and Mousey, but except for Mousey, they'll actually be leaving this coming March. Sadness.

But it's funny though, because looking at the ichinensei class, there are some kids who you can tell without even hearing their name, they're someone's little brother or sister. The resemblance is just uncanny. But for whatever reason, I haven't been able to nickname them. Porn Star's little sister is here, but she gives off a vibe that is decidedly less porn-star-esque (new word I just made up? I'll take it!). I considered naming her "Shannon Tweed" (I think you have to be a child of late night Showtime skin-flicks to understand that one) but I decided I wasn't that evil and just remembered her real name instead.

Rico Suave's little brother is here too, but he's not quite as Rico or Suave either. Maybe if I give him a few more years he can work his way up to Rico Suave. I also considered naming him "Ricky Martin" but again, I'm not that evil. Or at least I'd like to think so.

And oh! Velma's little sister is here as well. The second I saw her, I just KNEW she was Velma's little sister. Despite the incredible resemblance, she'd somehow managed to avoid the Velma Vibe...perhaps from having a different hairstyle, contact lenses, and a better-fitting uniform. But one day she came in with her hair done EXACTLY LIKE her older sister's...and wearing glasses too. It was like looking at the older sister, three years ago. And with that came the Velma Vibe. She's only come to school wearing her hair like that and glasses once....but from now on I will forever think of her as Velma Jr.

There's only been two other ichinensei I've been able to nickname so far. One is "Breasts", but I'm sure you all know about that one. The second one is "Stroky". ...Stroky? One day, I was in class, standing at the front as the teacher explained a grammar point. Stroky was sitting in front of me...she had her arm resting on her desk, as she sat sideways in her chair. Take a moment to form a mental picture, try to visualize the position Stroky is sitting in. Got it? Ok.

So anyway, this leads to Stroky....fondling her breast.

And yes, despite being only 12 years old, she does have some breasts (breastage?), small but they're there. And she was just playing with one of them! It was rather harmless/innocent, it's not like she was doing anything perverted. It was more like "Hey! I've got *these* now! Cool!" as she absentmindedly fondled one. Unfortunately for me, she was sitting in the first row, and I just happened to be standing right in front of her desk.

Yes, it was innocent, but I'm sorry, I'm just not accustomed to seeing 12-year old girls freely playing with their tits. And I hope I never become accustomed to such a thing. So I was weirded out, to say the least. But what could I do? It was the middle of class...I didn't want to stop class to ask her "Excuse me, I'm sorry, but can you stop fondling yourself?" No one else seemed to notice, and I didn't want to embarrass her. And, technically, was she doing something wrong? I hadn't officially read the school charter, but I'm fairly sure "No playing with your tits during classtime" is not written anywhere in it.

Plus, that would require me actually acknowledging it - as is I couldn't handle it. It was like looking directly at the sun, it was burning my eyes. I wanted to move away from her, but again, this was the middle of class and I didn't want to cause a disruption. So I had to physically turn my body away from her (damn peripheral vision). Imagine if you will, you have two teachers in your class, and one of them is facing the window. But again Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, I ask you, what could I do?

So I did my best to ignore it, looking out the window and pretending very hard I didn't have a 12-year old Japanese girl stroking her tits in front of me. After about five minutes or so, she gave up and moved onto something else, and I could turn and face the class again. But now, whenever I see this girl, I'm reminded of That Incident.

Thus, her nickname is Stroky.

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