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Round 3

I shouldn't even have to tell you who this editorial is about.

But for those of you lacking Batman-like deductive prowess, this is the return of the "Please!"/"I'll get it one day" boy.

He also has a thing for trying to take my wristwatch. He asks me to give it to him, and when I tell him no he tries to take it off my wrist. I don't see what the appeal is, it's a $20 Mossimo watch I bought from Target. ...But it's my cheap Target watch, dammit. I told him to ask his parents to buy him one for Christmas, but he just replied with "That won't work!" and when he's not trying to grab my dick, he's trying to steal my watch.

It's an interesting life I lead.

This day, he'd been pointing to his wrist all day and grinning at me. I responded by pointing to me and mouthing the word "Mine." After class, much to no one's surprise he came up to the front and started trying to steal my watch again. It's a banded watch, so all I really have to do to stop him is spread my palm out, so he can't slide the watch off. And he doesn't have the power to force my hand into a fist either. So, no worries there.

However, suddenly my Dodgedick Sense™ went crazy. ...I didn't even know I had a Dodgedick Sense™ but this thing was going off the charts. I started backing away from him, and more or less the second he lost interest in stealing my watch away, he started trying to grab my dick again. I was quick to grab both his arms and restrain him, much like before. My teacher, the same Japanese guy incidentally, looks up and just laughs. So yet again, I'm on my own here. Sigh.

I whine about being stuck in this situation again. However, my ambitious friend has not come unprepared this time. While I've got him good and locked down, another boy comes over. "Now, while he's busy holding me!" the first boy calls out. "Grab it, grab it! Aim for the center!"

....What the hell is this?! Now they're networking?! That is *NOT* allowed.

So now I've got boy #2 advancing on me while I've got boy #1 restrained. I couldn't very well let him go, so I spun him around, restrained him with one hand, and using him as a shield of sorts, tried to defend against boy #2. My Japanese teacher comments, as I'm pressing boy #1 up against me for protection, "Oh look! They've become great friends! It's so nice."

Thanks again.

However, boy #1 broke my defenses, turned around, and took a pretty close stab at it. He missed....but not by much. "You got it!" Boy #2 says. "How big? Was it this big?" He holds out his hands for a visual cue.

"A little bigger than that." Boy #1 responds.

"You didn't grab anything!" I promptly tell him.

"I did! I got it!" He says back.

"Then why do I still need to restrain you?"

"I need a second grab for confirmation."

The second boy eventually goes off and does his own thing, and my Japanese teacher makes yet another silent exit. How do Japanese people do that anyway? Before I leave the country, I wanna learn how to teleport around like they do. Batman would be jealous of their "Now I'm here, now I'm not!" space-warping abilities. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time restraining zealous young boys who want to grab my dick.

I carried him out into the hallway, again, and told him I'd carry him back to the teachers room if I had to, again. He still wasn't giving up, so this time I set him down, gave him a gentle push in the opposite direction, and ran like hell to the staircase. He pursued, but when he realized he wouldn't catch up to me before he reached the teachers's room (and there, he'd get yelled at by the guy who loves his own voice), he gave up.

So I did manage to win Round 3. But not by much. Much like The Borg, this boy is adapting to my defenses and evolving new ways to grab my penis. I'm almost afraid to go back, I dunno if I'll be ready/prepared for whatever new tactic he's got up his sleeve this time. Resistance is futile. You will have your dick grabbed.

Another day....

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