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Students Are Still Having Sex

So my kids are having sex. My 12-15 year old junior high schoolers are sexually active. I suppose this is true for any country, not just Japan. But I don't want to think about my kids having sex! Who does? (don't answer that)

I'm not just referring to the FBI shakedown that Cherry Boy did over a year ago. I was talking to my Hot Nurse friend once, and she was telling me about some of the concerns that students come to her with. You see, at my three schools at least, the school nurse also doubles as the guidance counselor. There actually is a guidance counselor, but she only comes once a week, Thursday afternoons. ...I guess matters of the heart are supposed to patiently wait until then. Where do I sign up for this job? Shit, let me come in one afternoon a week and listen to jr. high schoolers problems. Pay me for that shit.

Ahem. Anyway, for the 99% of the time that the guidance counselor isn't there, the responsibility of listening to the students problems falls on the school nurse. Sometimes Hot Nurse talks to me about it, and on one occasion, she told me she quite frequently gets problems dealing with sex/sexual issues. Even from the ichinensei. ...My God, they're only twelve years old!

The other problem here is that Hot Nurse used to work at the School of Peace...and I can't picture any of those kids being sexually active. Again, not that I want to, but sometimes your brain just runs away from you and you end up thinking about something like that. Especially if I'm in a class and have nothing better to do. I start scanning the classroom and thinking "Hmm, which one of you fuckers is fucking?" That girl with her shirt buttons undone and her skirt hiked up....most definitely her.

Hot Nurse respects her students privacy and has never disclosed any names. I don't want to know. I already know too much. I just can't imagine - what if Ultimate Sweetness's name popped up? Mousey? The Mayo Girl? Everything I ever believed in in the universe would just evaporate in a puff of smoke, and I'd instantly be rendered blind, deaf, stark-raving insane, and constipated.

And yeah, sure, I'll admit it. Part of it is jealousy. I can't believe some of my 14 year old students are getting lucky. The closest I got to sex at 14 was when the vertical hold on the scrambled PPV channels got a little lenient and I could see a tit. ...Only one tit, the hold was never that lenient.

My students seem pretty willing to share stuff with me, and given some of the graphic questions I get asked, I could probably conduct my own investigation and find out all the dirt. But again, I just don't want to. Ignorance truly is bliss. ...I wonder, when I was a student, if any of my teachers ever scanned the classroom and tried to figure out who among us was sexually active. And maybe they came upon me, and thought "Nah, definitely not him." Goddamn that's harsh.

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