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Last One, I Swear

I promise, I'm not going to make a habit out of this.

After posting the last editorial ("Hol 'on boy!"), the amount of positive emails I get during a day actually doubled. I thought that was really cool. Oh, and even if it takes me a while to respond, know that I did read your email, and appreciate it very much.

However, there was one that, much like the Hol 'on boy email, simply stood out. As you may have noticed, I love pointing out the absurd. Which brings us to the following email. I tried so hard to ignore it, just delete it and go about my merry way, but I couldn't. It taunted me from the trashcan. "Are you really going to let a gem like this go to waste?"

Last one, I swear.

Excuse me if I dont capitalize your name because I donft think its worth even that."


I love the way he starts this off with "Excuse me" though. This has to be the most polite flame I've ever gotten.

"I am half Japanese"

...Ah. This explains the "Excuse me".

For the record though, this is the first negative email I've ever gotten from anyone Japanese.

"and consider myself nationalistic."

Well, good for you.

"So, next time Ifm in Japan and I see a fool like you, you better bet that that Gaijin will be Smashed."

....Hold on a second. That isn't even a threat against me, is it? No, he's apparently going to take out his rage on "a fool like me". ...Huh. Well, you do that. Whatever makes you feel special.

If it were me though, I'd use a Gaijin Counter, then cross up into Super Gaijin "What the Fuck Is Wrong With You" Bitch Slap for 60% damage.

"I not a man of many words,"

"Am" apparently not being one of those words.

"but Ifm pretty sure I made myself clear."

*looks up* Well, no, not really. So, who's getting attacked again? And why?

And while I'm asking questions I'll never get answers to, how about "When did Natural Selection stop working?" Oh, and "Pork - is it *really* the other white meat?"

"Watch your back"

...Are you serious?

Oh, an e-threat. Oh my. I'm shaking in my little e-boots.

To be honest, if I can deal with the kiddies gleefully trying to jam their fingers in my ass...well then gosh darnit...I can do anything.

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