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After multiple migrations, this site now has a permanent home at DrYang.org.  It was most recently hosted on Google Pages, and was previously hosted on omega.med.yale.edu and people.fas.harvard.edu.  This originally started circa 2001 with the mirroring of high-traffic flash files and has evolved into the compilation of pages you see above.

The content here was born of many requests to make public some files I found, and over time this has expanded to support the efforts of individuals who I think have done noteworthy things. All material is property of their respective owners/creators. Most of the files have been public all along, but I hadn't bothered to organize them or to provide semi-permanent links to them. This is a modest attempt at working toward those ends.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] with site-related issues (please include the phrase "your site" in the subject so the filters will send it to the right place; the subject was not integrated into the mailto to prevent spiders from picking it up). Please realize, however, that I'm bombarded with mail at several of my email addresses and may not be able to respond to your message.