Flash stuff

These files have been collected from the web and mirrored to save the original sites' bandwidth.
I've tried to give credit to the creators and provide links to the originals where known. Enjoy.

Miniputt--miniature golf
Source: Psycho Goldfish

Miniputt 2--miniature golf
Source: Psycho Goldfish

Miniputt 3 (a multiplayer and enhanced version of the original miniputt)
Source: Psycho Goldfish

Tower Defence Games

Source: www.nny.com
Xiaoxiao #1

Xiaoxiao Fight #2
Created by [email protected]
(I understand that most of you won't be able to understand the text, but click around and you'll quickly discover the point--or lack thereof--of the interface)

Xiaoxiao Fight #3
Created by [email protected]

Xiaoxiao #4
Xiaoxiao #5
Xiaoxiao #6
Xiaoxiao #7
Xiaoxiao #8
Xiaoxiao #9

Xiaoxiao City Plaza

Hand-powered Clock
Author: Yugo Nakamura (good luck on that site)

Yatta parody: Exuberance
Source: www.verylowsodium.com
Consider yourself fortunate if you have no idea what this is, although I suppose if enough people ask, I'll host the original file.

Classic Arcade Games
Source: 80smusiclyrics.com

Frogger - control using arrow keys
Pacman - control using arrow keys, M-mutes/unmutes sound, P-pauses/unpauses game
Space Invaders - control using arrow keys, space=fire
Tetris - up arrow rotates shapes, other arrow keys move shapes, P-pauses/unpauses game
Tetris (alternate version)
Asteroids - left/right arrow rotates, up arrow=thrust, space=fire
Star Castle - control using arrow keys, space=fire
Pong - mouse moves paddle
Donkey Kong - control using arrow keys, space=jump
Moon Patrol - control using arrow keys, up=jump, space=fire
Duck Hunt - use mouse
Simon - use mouse

Slime Volleyball 2004 (one player) (Java) from ChrisCoyne.com
Slime Volleyball (two players) (Java)
by Quin Pendragon

Nanaca crash

All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Source: Planettribes

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