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This video's purpose is to serve as a walkthrough, not as a time to beat, although it's still pretty brief at 46:40, including the intro and all of the credits. I tried to take the time to show myself getting items and taking precautions that seasoned players may not bother with.  Additionally, some time is added to the video because I show the password after every stage.  I did not make an extraordinary effort to beat the game without getting hit.

Stage Order
You're bound to see a different order elsewhere--I haven't seen anyone else who likes to complete Air Man's stage first--however, I've seen some puzzling orders where people play Flash or Quick before getting Air, Quick before getting Bubble, or Crash before getting Metal.  In the walkthrough, I tried to use a minimal assortment of weaponry to allow you to create your own preferred order.  Here I list what weapons and items I suggest using in every stage.  Optional weapons that others may prefer to use are in parentheses.

Air Man: Pellet (Leaf Shield, Metal)
Metal: Pellet, Item 2
Flash: Metal, Item 2, Air, Pellet (Item 1/3)
Bubble: Metal (Pellet, Item 2)
Quick: Item 3, Metal, Bubble, Flash, Air, Pellet
Wood: Metal (Bubble, Pellet)
Crash: Metal, Pellet, Leaf, Item 2, Air (Item 1)
Heat: Metal, Quick, Item 2, Air, Pellet, Bubble
Dr. Wily 1: Metal, Item 3, Item 1, Quick, Pellet (Leaf)
Dr. Wily 2: Metal, Item 2, Item 3, Pellet
Dr. Wily 3: Metal, Quick
Dr. Wily 4: Pellet, Bubble, Metal, Air, Crash, Item 1 (Item 2)
Dr. Wily 5: Bubble, Pellet, Metal, Flash, Air (Leaf)
Dr. Wily 6: Bubble

Password Grid

In my video, I showed the passwords that I had after every stage, but if you would like to skip some different stages, you can use the password grid below.  First, choose how many energy tanks you would like to have.  Then use the rest of the coordinates in the column.  If do not want to play the stage, choose the first coordinate; choosing the coordinate in parentheses will allow you to play the stage.

Energy Tanks 0 1 2 3 4

A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5
Heat Man B-2,(D-5) B-3,(E-1) B-4,(E-2) B-5,(E-3) C-1,(E-4)
Air Man E-3,(D-2) E-4,(D-3) E-5,(D-4) B-1,(D-5) B-2,(E-1)
Wood Man D-3,(B-5) D-4,(C-1) D-5,(C-2) E-1,(C-3) E-2,(C-4)
Bubble Man D-1,(C-3) D-2,(C-4) D-3,(C-5) D-4,(D-1) D-5,(D-2)
Quick Man B-4,(C-4) B-5,(C-5) C-1,(D-1) C-2,(D-2) C-3,(D-3)
Flash Man C-1,(E-4) C-2,(E-5) C-3,(B-1) C-4,(B-2) C-5,(B-3)
Metal Man E-5,(E-1) B-1,(E-2) B-2,(E-3) B-3,(E-4) B-4,(E-5)
Crash Man C-5,(E-2) D-1,(E-3) D-2,(E-4) D-3,(E-5) D-4,(B-1)

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