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Bloons 3 is an extremely fun tower defense game by where you pop balloons by placing monkeys with a variety of skills and other weapons along a variety of different courses.  Very fun.  Hosted with permission.

Unit types:

Dart Monkey: Shoots a single dart. Can upgrade to piercing darts, razor darts, and long range darts.
Tack Shooter: Shoots a volley of tacks in 8 directions. Can upgrade to a blade shooter.
Boomerang: Throws a boomerang that follows a curved path back to the tower. Can pop multiple bloons at once. Upgrades to glaive thrower.
Spike-o-pult: Hurls a huge spiked ball that pops everything it touches. Can upgrade range, speed, and to multi-shot.
Cannon: Launches a bomb that explodes on impact. Can upgrade to bigger bombs, longer range, and missile launcher.
Ice Ball: Freezes nearby bloons. Frozen bloons are immune to anything sharp. Can upgrade to increased freeze time and larger freeze radius.
Monkey Beacon: Increases the attack range of everything within the beacon area. Can upgrade to increase attack speed of weapons in its area, and it grants access to the most powerful ability ever.
Super Monkey: Super Monkey shoots incredibly fast. Can upgrade to epic range, laser vision, and plasma vision.
Road spikes: Place these road spikes on the track to pop bloons. Can pop 10 bloons before wearing out. Road spikes last until the end of the round.
Monkey Glue: Monkey glue slows down bloons. Each blob can slow down 20 bloons before wearing out. Monkey glue only lasts until the end of the round.
Pineapple: Like all healthy food, pineapples explode shortly after being placed, so don't put any down until you want to pop some bloons.
Top Secret: Classified top secret by order of the super monkey collective (monkey storm).

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