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Super C in 16 minutes by Peter Yang

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Notes about the video

Super C in 20 minutes (actually 18)  by Peter Yang
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Notes and questions:

I had originally posted another version of the file prior to this one where, since some viewers thought that I had used a turbo button in the Contra walkthrough, I intentionally fired more slowly. However, I was not completely satisfied with the overall quality of the video, so I'm sharing what I think is a better run through the game where I gave a full effort. I hope you enjoy it.

Things to observe:
Q: Which game is more difficult, Super C or Contra?
A: Super C by far. There are more enemies, enemies appear more randomly, and turrets and men fire at more angles.

Q: What is the most difficult stage?
A: If we're talking about completing without dying and not most difficult to do quickly, then probably Area 6. Those mouths sometimes come out from right underneath you.

Q: What is your favorite weapon?
A: Flame thrower, although I usually use spread because it's a safer weapon when playing 1-player. When you hold down B and then release to fire, flame thrower rewards accuracy by delivering more direct destructive capability than any other weapon and does localized damage around the target area, which is useful near the end of Area 8. It goes through weaker enemies like laser, travels quickly, and has a greater range than any weapon on the overhead stages.

Q: If you were going for a best time, where could you go more quickly?
A: Several locations, although I went pretty quickly.  In some areas such as the enemy behind the bricks in Area 1, the in-ground turrets in Area 3, or the bubbles in Area 4, you can jump over or run right past them.  Bosses can definitely be destroyed more quickly with 2 players or, in most cases, if I had flame thrower.

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