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Mirrored with permission from Outpost Nine and Azrael

I am a Japanese School Teacher
By: Azrael

In August 2003 I moved to Kyoto, Japan as a part of the JET program. I am an assistant language teacher in three Jr. High schools. The experience has been...interesting to say the least. Interesting enough to warrant its own editorial.

However, there isn't just one editorial that could cover everything about my experiences here. So I decided to make it into an editorial series. This is the main page - check here for updates.

Got questions? Check here first.

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Years 1 and 2
Year 3

11.11.04 My Kids Are Perverted 9.6.05 Moving On
11.11.04 In The Ghetto 9.10.05 Blasted Typhoon
11.11.04 It's So Pretty 9.16.05 The Light and Darkside of the Force
11.11.04 Japanese Kids Say The Darndest Things 9.26.05 Cultural Differences
11.11.04 Rico Suave Meets Velma 10.4.05 Mailbox
11.11.04 The Cows Worst Enemy 10.4.05 What Big Eyes You Have...
1.12.05 Japanese Kids Say the Darndest Things 2 10.10.05 The Final Wall
1.12.05 Japanese Teachers Say the Darndest Things 10.15.05 The Final Wall Part 2
1.12.05 Protecting The Merchandise 10.18.05 Ms. Americanized 2
1.22.05 In Defense: A Quick FAQ 10.22.05 Important Information
1.22.05 Ass Wars Episode VI - Return of the Kancho 10.25.05 You Don't Need To Be Around Kids
1.27.05 Japanese Kids Say the Darndest Things 3 10.27.05 More Mailbox Goodness
1.27.05 Operation: Japanese D-Cup 10.31.05 Just Another Monday
1.27.05 I Can Only Love You For One Day 11.5.05 Just Another Tuesday
2.2.05 The Octopus 11.8.05 Just Another Wednesday
2.2.05 Gaijin Smash 11.12.05 Fooooo.
2.6.05 *Special* Moeko's Owl 11.15.05 Not Your Mother's Bingo
2.6.05 Oxymorons 11.24.05 Revenge
2.6.05 Velma Jr. 11.29.05 Don't Get Sick/Injured in Japan
2.6.05 My Kids Are Perverted 2 12.6.05 Another Picture's Worth
2.14.05 Round 3 12.15.05 Encore
2.14.05 You're Not Your Fake Cornrows 12.22.05 Dirty Bitch
2.14.05 Respect Mah Authority 12.28.05 Here Comes Santa Azrael
2.25.05 Ghetto Randomness 12.31.05 Students Are Still Having Sex
3.2.05 You WILL Love Me 1.3.06 Send Az Home!
3.6.05 It's So...Quiet?! 1.12.06 Thank You
3.9.05 Open Your Buttcrack 1.12.06 A Bathing Gaijin
3.12.05 A Desperate Struggle 1.21.06 I See Dead People
3.16.05 Ichinensei After Lunch 1.27.06 Japanese People Still Say The Darndest Things
3.18.05 Graduation 1.27.06 The Moeko Principle
3.21.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part I 1.31.06 Coffee With Coke Addict
3.21.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part II 2.6.06 My Kids Are Emo
4.3.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part III 2.11.06 Sushi and Sex
4.8.05 Closing Time 2.18.06 The Three Stooges
4.12.05 Closing Time Part II 2.22.06 More Sushi and Sex
4.15.05 Home Sweet Home 2.28.06 The Light and Darkside of the Force II
4.15.05 Hol 'on boy! 3.5.06 I Think I'm Becoming Japanese
4.16.05 Last One, I Swear 3.13.06 Dr. Watson and Mr. Kancho
4.20.05 It Has Begun 3.18.06 Random Select
4.29.05 Japanese People Say the Darndest Things 3.23.06 Do The Hustle
4.30.05 I Say the Darndest Things 3.26.06 Yet Another Graduation
5.1.05 A Picture's Worth... 4.4.06 Watson's Last Stand
5.6.05 Az Fails at Dating 4.14.06 Homeward Bound
5.10.05 And Now For Something Different 4.17.06 Be Gentle
5.12.05 A Rose, By Any Other Name 4.21.06 Super Gaijin
5.17.05 Negotiations With the Enemy 5.2.06 I Go By Train
5.25.05 Coke Addict Has a Fan 5.8.06 Gaijin Perimeter, Revisited
5.10.05 And Now For Something Different 7.15.06 Out of the Mouths of Babes
5.12.05 A Rose, By Any Other Name 7.15.06 It Came From Left Field
5.17.05 Negotiations With the Enemy
5.31.05 The Kancho Revolution
6.1.05 I Am Penis-Man
6.4.05 Natsumi and Yuki
6.4.05 Catch-Up Part I - Skanks 'R Us
6.8.05 Catch-Up Part II - Waist-shake
6.8.05 Dynamic Duo
6.13.05 Black Man Lies
6.20.05 Return of the Mack
6.20.05 Quiz Millionaire
6.24.05 A Death in the Family
6.24.05 More Ichinensei Fun
6.28.05 Michael Jackson Juice, Revisited
7.1.05 Azrael Goes to Tokyo
7.2.05 Azrael Goes to Tokyo Part 2
7.5.05 Azrael Goes to Tokyo Part 3
7.5.05 Reunions
7.8.05 Showtime
7.11.05 A Hard Day's Night
7.19.05 Dodgeball
8.5.05 Penpals
8.13.05 Show Me The Honey!
8.13.05 Kancho Confessionals
8.23.05 Summertime
8.26.05 A Special Delivery

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