TheKen, Ken Stokes, a.k.a. "Modist" Music

The following are tracks are hosted by the request and permission of TheKen, Ken Stokes, a.k.a Modist/ModistOne.  He originally gained notoriety by publishing several piano remixes of Linkin Park songs, then later creating original songs of his own and remixes of other artists' pieces.

All of the MP3s are in *.zip format to prevent streaming, as this was a major problem in the past with bandwidth consumption. Please download these to your computer and unzip to listen. Be sure to visit Ken's YouTube channel - ModistOne! Equipment: he previously used a Yamaha PSR-280, but now uses a Yamaha YPG-535 keyboard.

Scroll down to check out videos of people's own renditions of these songs. If you have a video to share, feel free to email me the info and I'll try to post it up.


TheKen - Breaking the
TheKen -
TheKen - In the
TheKen - Krawling (techno remix).zip
TheKen -
TheKen - Lying From
TheKen -
Modist (TheKen) - Original Numb (alternate version by Ken Stokes)
Modist (TheKen) - What I've Done (Piano).zip
ModistOne (TheKen) - Civilization IV - Baba Yetu (piano).zip
ModistOne (TheKen) - Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (piano).zip
TheKen - Pay Per
TheKen - Pu5hing Me
TheKen - Rob's
TheKen & Joanna - Break
TheKen & Joanna - Break Away (moonlight version).zip
TheKen & Joanna - Numb (remix).zip
Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Numb-Encore (TheKen remix).mp3 (Please download on your P2P application of choice.)

Sheet Music

Below is all of the sheet music I have available.  Although I'd like to make more sheet music available, I'm currently too swamped to transcribe more on my own.  If you'd like to help out, please email me

Thanks to Benjamin Bergem for providing sheet music & MIDIs for the following 3 songs!

Modist (TheKen) - What I've Done.pdf
Modist (TheKen) - What I've Done.mid
TheKen - In The End.pdf
TheKen - In The End.mid
TheKen (Linkin Park) - In the End.pdf (alternate version, much larger file, 4.53MB)
TheKen - Faint.pdf; Note: there are a few areas where the section should be repeated twice, not just once, such as measures 5-8.  The MIDI reflects these extra repeats that are found in the original MP3.
TheKen - Faint.mid

From the Inside sheet music: TheKen - From the Inside.pdf
Krawling sheet music: TheKen - Krawling.pdf
Lying From You sheet music: TheKen - Lying From You.pdf

Numb (piano solo) MIDI: TheKen - Numb (piano solo) - Peter Yang.mid
Numb (piano solo) sheet music: TheKen - Numb (piano solo) sheet music - Peter Yang.pdf

Numb (vocal version) MIDI: TheKen - Numb (vocal version) piano - Peter Yang & atracht.mid
Numb (vocal version) sheet music: TheKen - Numb (vocal version piano) sheet music - Peter Yang & atracht.pdf



These are videos that I've found of people's performances of the above sheet music. If you'd like to share your video, email me the info and I'll try to post it up.


A slightly different rendition by TheKen

What I've Done:
From the Inside:

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